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Star Wars Stormtrooper Accessory Bundle - Bodysuit Neck Seal Gloves - Exclusive to

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Star Wars Stormtrooper Accessory Bundle - Bodysuit Neck Seal Gloves - Exclusive to

Please give the neck seal size required in the 'Additional Comments' section when placing your order.

Stormtrooper Bodysuit

The Stormtrooper Shop Bodysuit's fabric reacts to all kinds of different conditions, from excessive heat to extreme cold. In warm weather, perspiration is removed from the skin surface keeping the wearer cool, in cold conditions the natural thermal properties of the fabric allow body heat to be retained.

The Bodysuit is lightweight, durable and very comfortable.

****Double Zip System for Toilet Access****

Sizes Available:

Size Max. Chest Size Max. Height
  inches cm feet/inches cm
MEDIUM 32" 81cm 5'6" 168cm
LARGE 34" 86cm 5'8" 173cm
XL 38" 96cm 5'10" 178cm
XXL 44" 112cm 6'2" 188cm


Stormtrooper Neck Seal

Every Stormtrooper Costume requires a Neck Seal to cover your exposed skin.

Exclusive to, we present the best neck seal available.

Beautifully hand made with very soft cotton and the outer area is covered in faux leather. The Stormtrooper Neck Seal is fastened with velcro.

Stormtrooper Neck Seals are available in medium and large sizes.

Size Neck Girth (inches) Neck Girth (cm)
MEDIUM Up to 16" Up to 41cm
LARGE Up to 18" up to 46cm


Please include the neckseal size required in the 'Additional Comments' section when placing your order.

Stormtrooper Gloves

These are probably the best Stormtrooper Gloves available. Made with black thermal stretch fabric throughout with Hook and Loop strapping sewn onto the rear for your Hand Armour.

No need for elastics or velcro straps anymore. Be 100% confident in the heavy duty 75mm wide x 45mm high, loop black strapping sewn onto the back of your glove, ready for your hand armour plate.

The glove covers the wrist over or under your bodysuit sleeve exactly as you would want.

Available in one size and supplied with white adhesive hook strapping for your hand armour plate (not included)

Care Instructions for Bodysuit and Gloves:

Cool wash with mild detergent, air dry, no heat.

Hand armour parts are available HERE

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