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Stormtrooper Armour Kit Bag  03/07/2018

Stormtrooper Kit Bags from Stormtrooper Shop
Storing and maintaining your full armour kit can be a bit tricky, so we are delighted to present our exclusive Stormtrooper Kitbag to keep everything safe.

These versatile bags are made from soft, washable, stretchable black fabric and printed with our Stormtrooper Shop logo.

Different combinations of storage are possible and each bag is large enough to hold the chest and upper back plates, thighs and calves, or a helmet and small armour piece. The perfect way to:

  • Protect your armour
  • Store your armour
  • Protect your helmet
  • Keep all of your smaller parts together

You can find our Stormtrooper Kitbags HERE