25% OFF - Stormtrooper Professional Armour Strapping Kit 1- 100% Velcro System

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NORMALLY £49.99 NOW ONLY £37.49

25% OFF - Stormtrooper Armour Professional Strapping Kit 1 - 100% Velcro System

Do you already own a Stormtrooper Costume?

Have you recently bought Stormtrooper Armour?

Are you planning a Stormtrooper Armour project?

If the answer is yes to any of the questions above then you should consider this fantastic Stormtrooper Armour Professional Strapping Kit.

Created by our professional Armour Strapper at, this Professional Strapping Kit removes all the hassle of finding a local haberdashery outlet and then having to guess what you materials you need, which can also work out very expensive, because of the wastage.

Our Professional Strapping Kit includes everything you need and extra to strap and velcro your Armour 100% complete. We have researched the best types and sizes of velcro required for all Armour - no more glue guns.

The Stormtrooper Armour Professional Strapping Kit includes:

5 Metres of 25mm White Adhesive - Loop Velcro

5 Metres of 25mm White Adhesive - Hook Velcro

1 Metres of 50mm White Adhesive - Loop Velcro

2 Metres of 50mm White Adhesive - Hook Velcro

1 Metre of 20mm White Adhesive - Loop Velcro

4 Metres of 50mm Black Strapping - Loop Velcro

1 Metre of 20 mm Black Strapping - Hook Velcro

1 Metre of 20 mm Black Strapping - Loop Velcro

Please Note: Instructions of how to strap your Armour are NOT included with this kit. You are always welcome to contact us for help and advice.  

The Stormtrooper Shop says: This Kit is a 'no-brainer' that reduces hours of effort and reduces the cost of your project. Our Strapping Kit is worth every penny.